Window Cleaning Methods

Washing windows does not have to become a chore. In case you have the proper tools and these pointers, the process is easy and quick. Keep all of your window cleaning equipment in a single plastic or metallic bucket (and work with a second bucket to combine cleaning solutions).
Tools and Materials
A soft-bristled counter brush
White vinegar (or moderate dishwashing liquid)
Large polyester or organic sea sponges
Squeegees, with extension poles
Lint-free of charge cloths (huckaback or cloth diapers) which have not been washed or dried with fabric softener, that may leave behind a residue that may streak glass
Rubber gloves
Straight-edged razor blades
A new sturdy ladder (with a label indicating it really is approved simply by Underwriters Laboratories)
Nonammoniated all-purpose cleaner
Window Washing How-To
1. Choose a right time of day when the sun isn’t shining on the windows. The heat from the cleaning liquid can be caused by sunlight to dry, which will bring about water or streaks spots.
2. Brush the exteriors of home windows and frames with a soft-bristled counter brush lightly, dusting aside cobwebs and loose dust. Remember the hinges, sills, and tracks.
3. Mix a solution of just one 1 part whitened vinegar and 1 component hot water.
4. With all the squeegee indoors, location a towel across the windowsill to capture drips.
5. Utilizing a sponge, wet (but don’t drench) the windows with the vinegar-and-water answer, and rub the dust away. Keep the answer from touching the windows frames.
6. Wet the squeegee; a dried out blade shall skip.
7. Beginning at an upper part of the pane, attract the squeegee down in a right stroke. Go back to the repeat and top, overlapping the initial stroke slightly. After each stroke, clean the rubber advantage of the squeegee with a sponge or lint-free fabric. Finish by pulling the squeegee over the bottom part of the window, and dry the sill with a fabric or sponge.
8. Wipe frames with a fabric dampened with a nonammoniated all-purpose cleaner and drinking water. Rinse them with a clear thoroughly, damp cloth to eliminate cleaning solution and dried out instantly by wiping with a clear, dry cloth.
Note for washing big windows: For huge image windows, professionals favor the snake was called by a method. Starting within an upper corner, pull the squeegee horizontally over the window. At the contrary corner, change, lower the squeegee to the drinking water line, then draw it over the window. Work the right path down and contact up the edges with a fabric.

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